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Dear Shirley,

I hope u still remember me. Just want to let u know that your kindness in giving me prompt help is really something that I will always remember. I send u a picture of how I can keep some extra milk in my freezer and my chubby baby boy since he got enough milk! :)
I also told a relative about this tea and she seems interested. I will let u know if she wants to order some. I think I will order some too in the future since I have consumed the first bag. Do u sell the set that comes along with a book about introducing solid food? Thank you so much for your help.

God bless you.

Warmest regards,
Alissa Gouw (Indonesia, Jakarta

" Hi, thank you to recommend me on this tea "
I thought it will not works for me but see how many breastmilk that I got. So happy that my baby can have enough feed even I was outstationed. I will recommend to my colleagues and well as my other colleagues in other countries.

(mummysg, nickname - fabulousmum)

" Dear Shirley,"

I just gave birth to my 2nd prince on 18th Aug 2011 and start latching him since 19th Aug 2011. As his jaundice level is high, I wasn’t advised to give him BM due to the amount of ginger in confinement food. I really want to breastfeed this time as I failed doing so previously.

I have to pump out the BM by electric means and the supply is really little, just 40-60ml from both side after an hour. I was disappointed as I invested in a better pump recommended by others which according to them, better stimulation. Results are still bad.

On day 6 on my confinement, I saw this Sacred Tea online and decided to give it a try. As this is my 2nd time breasfeeding a NB, I deemed myself as "low supply" even after trying frenugreek and motilium tablets previously. I ate a lot of fish, fish soup, green papaya soup but my supply will never hit 80ml from both sides no matter how long I leave the pumps on.

I was still skeptical when I received the registered mail the next 2 days. Its already day 8 and my supply is still low and seriously dun think anything will make any wonders. I am just spending money to show that "I have tried hard enough". So I ask the maid to follow the instructions and brew the tea. Taste like chinese tea and still drinkable, I managed to drink 1.5litres of it on day 1.

That night after pumping while watching TV, I was shock to see my supply went up to 50mls per side and gives me a total 100ml! It’s not a remarkable increase to many people but I have never hit 100ml in a single pump. This gave me confidence and I carried on with the tea for next few days.

Right now, I already finished almost half a pack of the tea and proud to say I can pump out to approx  700mls of BM per day. I am only been drinking it religiously for 4 days! 700mls is even enough to provide for my 2 1/2 yrs old toddler!

The most satisfying matter to a mum is the ability to give her best to her child. Such a low supply person like me never dream that I can even have enough for my toddler. I really must thank the person who bring the tea in.

Attached is a picture of my BM which I pump out from last 24hrs. I just gave 500ml to my mum for my toddler.

Many thanks!


" Hi Shirley,"

 I was always concern that i do not have enough milk to feed my baby and have to depend on formula milk. However, i came accross the Sacred Tea while browsing on the net and had decided to give it a try.

I was sceptical at first but i keep on telling myself that this tea can help me with my problem. Had been drinking Sacred Tea for 3 weeks and surprisingly, my milk supply had increase from 1.5 fl oz to 9 fl oz on each milk extraction. 

A Big Thank you for introducing this wonderful product to help the mummies.

Attached is the picture taken from my fridge.

Winnie Teoh

" Dear Shirley, "

I would like to give a good feedback on Sacred Tea.  First of all, the tea help me to produce more milk within few days after drinking it.

Previously, my milk supply was not enough for my baby and i got worried. But after drinking the tea, it was a miracle and it really works. It was a great relieve.  After drinking the tea for while, forgot to order and it run out of stock. So, i stop drinking for about a week. I can see the supply of the milk drop again and the my milk get very diluted. When the new stock arrive and i start drinking again, the milk supply came back again.  Thanks for bring such wonderful tea to singapore. Today, i still able to continue to feed my 8 months old baby because of the tea.  

Pauline and Jeffery Lio

" Dear Shirley, "

I was blessed with a good supply of milk since my little girl was born. So I decided to start pumping out the milk after feeding her, to store up for when I go back to work or had to leave her with my mother. On top of breastfeeding her, I was able to pump more than 200ml of milk six times a day! It was so much that I had to buy a mini freezer to store them. Then suddenly 5 months later, my milk supply dipped. My girl did not have enough to drink and I often had to supplement with the milk that I had stored. And when I tried to pump, I could only get about 50ml max per pump. I was bummed!! I felt like a lousy mother and I was so ashamed of myself. I couldn't talk about it to anyone that I almost went into depression.

Thank goodness my aunty came to visit one day and she mentioned about a tea that her colleague was drinking that "SUPER BOOSTED" her milk supply. Those 2 words rang in my head till she left. I quickly went to google about this special tea for breastfeeding mothers and came across the "Baby N Me" website. I now drink the sacred tea once a day for breakfast and my milk supply is back to what it was. My little girl just turned 1 years old and I am proud to say that she is still on breast milk thanks to the sacred tea! :D  




" Hi Shirley,"

Thank you for introducing and bringing such a good tea to mummies like me who failed in Breastfeeding for my #1. 

After trying out this tea, the Breast milk supply is proven to increase and not only that, I have spare milk for my #1 too.

Amazing tea and I really regret not coming to know this tea earlier when I had my #1.
Thumbs Up and I strongly recommend those who are facing difficulties in low milk supply to try this. 

April Mok

" Hi Shirley "

I had tried so many types of supplement to increase my breastmilk, Sacred Tea proves the best result after only trying 1 pack. 

Love its taste too. Should have found this product earlier.  


" Hi Shirley "

I would like to express my thanks for introducing this product. After 2 days of drinking the tea, my milk supply has been boosted and am able to pump out extra after I latch my baby on.

This is about 30ml extra but am sure if I continue drinking this plus my regular latch on, I will definitely be able to boost my milk supply.

This will certainly act at a back-up when I go back to work in about a month's time and i feel more assured now.

Thanks a lot
Genevieve Lee

" Thank you for introducing the Sacred Tea in Singapore Motherhood Forum."

Per your instruction, I started to drink the Sacred Tea on the 2nd day of my delivery. I started to feel engorge and full on the 2nd day at the hospital. According to the lactation consultant from TMC, my full breast milk has kicked in on 2nd day. I was surprise as I do not have much milk for my first 2 kids. 

Although I breastfeed my 2nd kid for a year, the milk supply came in rather late and unable to catch up with my son demand as a result he wasn't on total breast milk. 

This time round, I am able to give my baby total breast milk on day 8 and in fact I was able to stock up my EBM in the freezer. My milk flow has been increasing everyday. From 30ml on day 2 to 150ml on the day 9. 

I will continue to drink the sacred tea and will definitely get more from you when I have ran out of stock. 

Once again, thank you for bringing in the Sacred Tea. 

Yours sincerely 
Serene Lim


" I am thankful for having Sacred Tea as I am able to provide 
the best gift to my child !!!"

I am a mother of one lovely and adorable 6 months old son. Like all mothers out there, I have always wanted to give my child the best that I can provide at this stage and one of the most important thing to me is the gift of breastfeeding. I had heard a lot from experts and friends that exclusive breastfeeding is the way to go to provide your child with all the benefits. Although it can be very tiring with exclusive breastfeeding, I would say a 
mother's love can overcome all difficulties.

I was a little depressed in the beginning. As much as I wanted to provide this wonderful gift to my child, I have been encountering issues with my milk supply. I have followed the advises from lactation consultants by breastfeeding and pumping using breast pump 
equipment at short intervals to let my body produce more milk, it doesn't seems to happen and I have to supplement with formulas every time. This was really disheartening until I was introduced to try the Sacred Tea. I was told that it might not work for everyone as it depends on individual's body. I was skeptical initially but since it is a supplement, why not just give it a try as my supply is low anyway. After trying the Sacred Tea for a week, I was amazed that there was a increase in my supply. Till date, my child is able to consume more 

I am thankful for having Sacred Tea as I am able to provide 
the best gift to my child !!!

Best regards
Mrs Ong

Hi everyone,

I am always rather skeptical about these milk increasing stuff...BUT..this WORKS! My ss has increased and Im pumping more for my freezer stash as Im heading to work. It's worth the $. I drink around 3-4 cups a day. Thank you Elite!! 

Posted by 

KK (tkgy17) on Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 2:12 am

" I personally call this miracle tea."

I was a young first-time mother eager to breastfeed my baby girl. After having read so much I was determined to give her breastmilk. However, 3 months later my supply began to drop. I was heartbroken and devastated. I was only getting 30 ml with 2 weeks left to return to work, I became panicky. 

Then, I read about Sacred Tea on mummysg forum. I immediately purchased 1 pack. I personally call this miracle tea. After drinking for 2 cups my supply increased, I could express almost 100ml. My spirits were immediately lifted.

I drank the tea religiously and bought more packs. This was my experience in Year 2010.

4 months ago in Year 2012, I have just delivered my baby boy. This time, I immediately start with the tea. It has not only helped with my milk supply but also with my digestion. 

My baby was very fussy due to gas problem. Doctor suggested my son to take hydrolyzed milk but I didn't give. Instead, I drank Sacred Tea twice daily and provided him with my breastmilk. It really helped him on his stomach gas problem. 

Sacred Tea has boosted my confidence and motivated me to breastfeed my babies. Thanks you guys! A special thanks to Shirley for her excellent customer service too.

I have recommended Sacred Tea to many of my friends and will continue to recommend.

Yours sincerely
Yogeswary D/O Nithiah Nandan
Date: 25 June 2012


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Warning: Sacred Tea for Nursing Mothers, is a dietary supplement designed to support normal breast function and is not  formulated for pregnant women. If you are  expecting a  baby,  wait  until the  baby  is born to  purchase and try this product. If you suffer from Lupus or Diabetes, please consult with your doctor, before taking this product. Fenugreek is an herb that may lower blood sugar levels and so if a person is diabetic, this can be something  that they must take into consideration. Alfalfa has been known to aggravate lupus.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   * The ingredients used in this herbal formula, may help nursing mothers to support their breast milk supply. However,  to support breast milk supply, it is very important to understand that you MUST  nurse  your baby on demand, making sure,  you are positioning the baby on the breast correctly. You must follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of fresh water,  get plenty of rest, manage your stress levels and be patient. Breastfeeding is a learning experience for mom and baby. To guarantee a successful breastfeeding experience, it is recommended for you to exclusively breastfeed your baby on demand for the first few weeks, righ after birth. Joinning a La Leche League group near you is highly recommended.


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